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Picture Books

The Girl Who Planted Trees Caryl Hart, ill. Anastasia Suvorova  

When a little girl’s grandad shows her a picture of what the mountain used to look like, she can’t wait to plant a new forest and for the animals to return. Although the girl soon realises growing trees isn’t easy, she doesn’t give up. After many weeks, a little patch of green appears on the mountain and gives the whole village hope. Then, one day, a terrible storm destroys all the girl’s saplings. Has all her hard work been for nothing? Or has it inspired those around her to share her dream?

Bears Make the Best Science Buddies Carmen Oliver, ill. Jean Claude  

It's time for the first science experiment, but nobody can agree on which one to do. But why pick just one when Bear is around? Bears make the best science buddies, and Bear proves it by helping each group use the scientific method for its special experiment. This fourth picture book in Carmen Oliver's Bears Make the Best... series will bring the excitement of science to all you Gadgeteers!

Big Words for Little People: Our World Helen Mortimer, ill. Cristina Trapanese  

This little book on Our World is part of an important series which focuses on the words we use to talk about big topics in a way that feels good. Words such as save, danger, wonder and fairness, are explored in a meaningful way. Enjoy being curious and discovering new words with fun characters. Includes reassuring tips for grown-ups on how to enjoy these books, encourage conversation and build language confidence.

Shine, Star, Shine! Dom Conlon, ill. Anastasia Izlesou  

Travel with Star as her light zips across 93 million miles of space from her home to Earth, where she ripens crops, keeps us warm, creates weather and reveals a waking world full of life. Complete with a list of facts about the stars that fill our sky and why they are important, this charming poetic picture book combines fiction and non-fiction to make a perfect educational resource for children whether at home or in the classroom.

The Planet In A Pickle Jar Martin Stanev  

When two kids visit Grandma's house for their usual visit, they can't help but think she's stuffy and no fun at all. Even the dinner she makes is predictable. But when Grandma goes missing and wild animals start popping up around the house, they realise she has a secret... A gorgeously illustrated picture book about not judging people based on appearances, and the how families can work together to help save the planet.

Rosa Explores the Water Cycle Jessica Spanyol  

Rosa and friends return! A group of children make exciting discoveries about their world. Ideal for STEM enrichment.

The Little Pirate Queen Sally Ann Garland  

Lucy sails across the sea fixing and mending her small rickety raft, hoping to reach Far Away Island. When a gigantic wave sweeps all the other children away, except Lucy, the Little Pirate Queen is determined to rescue everyone no matter what. A story about resilience, empowerment and compassion, beautifully written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland.

Once Upon a Big Idea: The Story of Inventions James Carter, ill. Margaux Carpentier  

From bridges and boats to medicines and mobile phones, this book takes readers on a journey of discovery through all the amazing inventions human beings have come up with. Learn how rocks and stones helped create the pyramids and how modern materials such as concrete and nylon have changed our lives.​ Lively rhyming text by James Carter and electrifying illustrations by Margaux Carpentier.

Elephant Island Leo Timmers  

A shipwrecked elephant makes his tiny island a home for the many friends who come to the rescue, building increasingly intricate constructions that turn Elephant Island into a fun park city. Caught in a storm, Arnold the elephant washes up on a tiny island. And although many animals come along to try and rescue him, each of their broken vessels provides new materials for another intricate construction. Wheels and pulleys create a Ferris wheel, an elevator, a waffle maker, and soon there is a whole community and enough space for everyone!

Tala the Bengal Tiger Beverly Jatwani, ill. by Sunita Chawdhary  

Tala the Bengal Tiger is the second book in the Together We Can Change the World series. A series of seven stories, covering seven continents, with seven important virtues: Love, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Kindness, Integrity and Gratitude. This is a thrilling story about a girl and the endangered Bengal Tiger. What is the connection between little Veera and the mysterious tiger, Tala? This chance encounter will forever change Veera's understanding of courage. Learn some terrific tiger facts, too!

I Am Every Good Thing Derrick Barnes, ill. Gordon C James  

Step inside the mind of the confident narrator of this book. He is proud of everything that makes him who he is. He's got big plans and will see them through. He's creative, adventurous, smart, funny. A good friend. A superhero. Sometimes he falls, but he always gets back up. And other times he's afraid, because he's often misunderstood. So, slow down, look and listen as he shows you who he really is.

The Most Important Animal of All Penny Worms, ill. Hannah Bailey  

A beautiful picture book, where a teacher challenges her class to decide which is the most important animal of all.​ Seven children champion a different animal for the top spot. Is it bees as master pollinators, or bats who are night-time predators as well as pollinators? Is it elephants who shape their landscapes and spread seeds, or beavers who create watery habitats? This is a positive and gentle book for young children from 5 years old about the issues of habitat loss, endangered species and climate change.

Bloom Julia Seal  

Once, the ocean was full of friends. Then a little jellyfish notices that things are changing–friends are disappearing! He sets out to discover the truth and learns that everyone has a part to play in protecting the careful balance of the ocean. “Bloom” refers to a substantial increase in jellyfish population that can be caused by climate change and pollution. In this beautifully illustrated, timely, and topical tale, the jellyfish band together to deliver an important message.

Ada and the Galaxies Alan Lightman and Olga Pastuchiv, ill. Susanna Chapman  

Stargazers rejoice! There is so much for Ada to do while visiting her grandparents on an island in Maine, but no amount of beach-combing and kayaking during the day can take the place of looking at the bright and beautiful stars at night. Ada can hardly wait for the sun to set, but will a thick fog spoil her stargazing plans?

One More Try Naomi Jones, ill. James Jones  

Circle loves the tower that the squares and hexagons have built and wants to make his own. But circles, diamonds and triangles are pointier, rounder and much wobblier - making a tower is not as easy as it looks! The shapes try and try but their tower just keeps tumbling down. Can Circle persuade them to have just one more try?

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