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I Am Every Good Thing

Derrick Barnes, Gordon C James

I Am Every Good Thing


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Selected by Oprah Magazine as one of its 'essential books for discussing racism with kids'. I am a non-stop ball of energy. Powerful and full of light. I am a go-getter. A difference-maker. A leader. Step inside the mind of the confident narrator of this book. He is proud of everything that makes him who he is. He's got big plans, and will see them through. He's creative, adventurous, smart, funny. A good friend. A superhero. Sometimes he falls, but he always gets back up. And other times he's afraid, because he's often misunderstood. So, slow down, look and listen as he shows you who he really is … Featured in the Booktrust Great Books Guide 2021 Observer Children’s Picture Book of the Month Perfect for fans of Dapo Adeola’s Hey You! ‘Pitch-perfect… Gordon C James’s painted portraits brim with spirit and dignity. The result is a truly special book by an American author-illustrator duo at the top of their game’ – Imogen Carter, Observer ‘A poetic paean to the brilliance of black boys, its energetic pages filled with courage, joy and vivid, dynamic illustrations’ – Guardian ‘A powerful celebration of Black boyhood’ – Booklist, starred review ‘A much-needed book for Black children when society demonstrates otherwise’ – Kirkus Reviews, starred review ‘This beautiful and necessary book that affirms Black boys and their right to thrive’ – Horn Book, starred review ‘An empowering ode to Black boy joy’ – Publishers Weekly, starred review ‘Page after page of empowering text speaks to energetic children everywhere’ – School Library Journal, starred review



Bit grown up for me.

Viscount Burp Banana 19.08.2023


Bit boring for me. It had lots of good messages but wasn't very exciting.

Superintendent Bruno Bottlenose 24.07.2023


I loved this book! It made me think of my brother, my cousins and my friends who are 'Every Good Thing' as well! Mummy is going to buy one for us to keep at home.

Doctor Rapunzel Archer 10.09.2022


Brilliant and life affirming. I look like the person on the front cover

Commander Hank Paddington 27.08.2022


I have done some exercises just like the charater. I like this book.

Baroness Rapunzel Aardvark 20.08.2022


I rate it 5 because he said good things about himself.

Coach Blossom Bobble-hat 10.08.2022


This book was good because it made you be proud of yourself

Marshal Merlin Menace 05.08.2022


We all have to be proud of ourselves

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 04.08.2022


It was okay. I liked the ending when he said "I am worthy to be loved".

Dame Nectarine Pawprint 03.08.2022


the book is about forgetting about sad times and and instead think about happiness

Mademoiselle Morgana Dalmatian 22.07.2022


I like it because it was all about yourself. You should love yourself. I would recommend this book to people that don’t believe in their self because it will help the them to.

Prince Jazzy Spinner 07.07.2022


Very inspiring highly recommend

Anonymous 20.06.2022

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