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10 rules for how to behave on the website

You must promise to stick to these 10 rules. Every message and book review is read and checked by moderators to make sure it is suitable. If you break any of the rules, your message will be rejected!

  1. Stay safe - don't include any personal information in your messages. This includes your name, email address, street address and phone number.
  2. Don't include the personal details of anyone else in your messages, including parents, guardians, teachers or group leaders.
  3. Don't ask anyone to meet up, either virtually or in person.
  4. Treat everyone with respect - even if someone has a different view to your own, don't let it get personal. Don't post rude, racist, offensive, or violent messages to the site.
  5. Don't glamorise illegal or dangerous activities - it's OK to talk about what happens in a book, but don't encourage others to follow its example.
  6. Don't write anything mean about anyone, including other users, parents, guardians, teachers, social workers, group leaders and famous people.
  7. Don't write everything in CAPS or emoji - or stretch the text - it isn't easy for everyone to read and your message won't be published.
  8. Don't post entire messages in text speak - it's OK to shorten some words but not everyone understands text speak or finds it quick to read.
  9. Don't post links to other websites or meetings - it might not be safe.
  10. Don't break copyright rules. This means you shouldn't post text from someone else's books.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing you here on the site!

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