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Signing in to the Summer Reading Challenge website

The process for signing in to the Summer Reading Challenge website changed recently, so that we can continue to keep you safe when you’re online.

If you’re a regular website user, you’ll probably already have an account with us.

When you log in, you might see a message asking you for your parent or carer’s email address.

confirm your details

This is so we can email them to ask them to approve your account and you can keep on having fun on the website!
Ask your parent or carer to keep an eye out for this confirmation email from us. It will contain a link they can click to approve your account.

Your parent/carer will need their own Reading Agency account too, so that we can link your account to theirs for security. If they don’t have an account already, they can follow the instructions in the confirmation email, or click here to sign up.

Once your parent/carer has logged in to their own account, they can approve yours!
Your Summer Reading Challenge account will be linked to theirs under the ‘Children’ tab on their profile.

Then you’re ready to go! All your books and badges will still be on your profile the next time you log in.

If you’ve registered to use this website and the date of birth you’ve signed up with tells us you are an adult, you will show as Anonymous. Make sure you sign up with the correct details to see your website username.

If you get stuck or have any questions, get in touch!