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Here you can find answers to questions about using this website.

How do I sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge website?

1. To sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge website you will need a Reading Agency Passport account. Click here to get started!

2. Enter your date of birth and click Continue.

3. To keep you safe, we need permission from your parent or carer to set up your account. Fill in their email address and the rest of your details, then click Submit.

4. Your parent/carer will receive an email from us asking them to approve your account. To do this, they will need their own Passport account too, so we can link your account to theirs for security.
If your parent/carer doesn’t have an account already, they can follow the instructions in the confirmation email, or click here to sign up.

5. Once your parent/carer is signed in to their Passport account, they can give us their permission to set up your Summer Reading Challenge account. To do this they must be signed in to their own account, then they should follow the approval link in the email we sent them. Your account will be linked to theirs under the ‘Children’ tab on their profile. Then you’re ready to go!

Log in to the Summer Reading Challenge website to record the books you’ve read, enter our competitions, chat with other book-lovers and much more!

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What do I do if I forget my username?

Your parent/carer can manage your account details through their Passport Account.

First, they will need to sign in to their own website account, then click on the ‘Children’ button to see your account username.
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What do I do if I forget my password?

Your parent/carer can change your password through their Passport Account.

First, they will need to sign in to their own website account, then click on the ‘Children’ button.
They can click on your account username to see all of your profile information.
Towards the top there is a button that says ‘Change their password’ – click here to enter a new password for your Summer Reading Challenge account.

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Why does a different name show when I sign in?

We want the site to be as safe for you as possible, so we don’t show anyone’s real name. The site will create a unique screen name just for you – we hope you like it!

Your screen name will be displayed at the top of the page once you are logged in, and will show against any comments or book reviews you post.

The username and password you chose when you signed up for your account will allow you to sign in to your profile.
Because some people choose their real name as their username, we give everyone a special screen name as well, so your personal details are never shared on the website.

If you’ve registered to use this website and the date of birth you’ve signed up with tells us you are an adult, you will show as Anonymous.

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How do I keep a record of the books I’ve read?

You can keep a record of your books right here on the Summer Reading Challenge website and tell other children what you thought of them. Look out for the button that says ‘Add a new book now’!

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How do I add my books on the website?

You can add and rate books from your profile page. Log in to the site and click on the button that says ‘Add a new book now’. As you rate the books you read, this information is sent to the Book Sorter to help other kids find something they want to read.

Over 990,000 books have been added to the Book Sorter – will you be the one to add the millionth book?!

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I’m stuck for my next book to read

You need the Book Sorter! Tell the Book Sorter about the kind of book you’re looking for and it will instantly give you a list of books it recommends just for you. They’ve all been recommended by other kids, so they’re bound to be worth a try.

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I’d like to change my avatar

You’ll need to login, go to your profile and then click on ‘Edit profile’. Choose the character you want to be, enter your password and, hey presto, you’ve got a new avatar.

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How do I post a message?

Login to the site and go to ‘Chat’. Click on ‘Your messages’ and post what you’d like to say. Make sure you’re familiar with our 10 rules for using the website first. The Summer Reading Challenge team will read your message and publish it to the Chat page.

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How do I unlock the Star Reviewer badge?

You can unlock the Star Reviewer badge by reviewing books when you add them to your profile. The Summer Reading Challenge team read every submission before anything is published on the website, and are always on the lookout for thoughtful and creative book reviews. Check out our Star Reviewer blog for more tips.

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Why are there gender options on the Book Sorter?

We include the gender and age questions on the Book Sorter as when developing the feature we found it can be important to some children to get recommendations from someone their own age/gender. This isn’t always the case though, which is why these two questions are entirely optional. The only compulsory selection you have to make to generate a recommendation is ‘Book Type’.

Please note that we do not suggest certain books are only suitable for boys or girls, simply that those books have been recommended and reviewed by lots of boys/girls on this website.

We believe that children should have absolute freedom in their choice of books and, through our online platform and library partners, express very clearly that participants can read any types of books to complete the Summer Reading Challenge, including fiction, fact, comics, audio and digital.

The Book Sorter is one of the most popular parts of our website, so it’s always really useful to receive feedback on it. If you have any recommendations on how we can improve the Book Sorter feature, please do get in touch.

Parents or carers

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