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Library Zone

How to access the Challenge through the libraries

The Challenge will launch in libraries in Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday 25 June and in libraries in England and Wales on Saturday 9 July. Children can also join in the fun online, here on the official Challenge website.

To take part at your local library you can drop into your library and let them know that you would like to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge.

They will get you signed up for Gadgeteers, help you find books to borrow, and provide you with fun reading activities to get you started! To receive a Gadgeteers collector poster and stickers, you will need to register for the Challenge at a participating library.

How to sign up to your local library

Joining your library service is free, and once you are a library member you are welcome to use any library in the authority. The library will make it really easy for you to get a card so that you can borrow books.

You don’t need a card to read books, meet friends, study or join in free activities in the library. You need a library card to take books, films and music out of the library. To get a library card you need to join the library. If you join online, you will get your card when you first visit a library.

The exact process for joining online depends on your local library. Use the box at the top of this page to select your region and find library services near you. The ‘Visit website’ button will take you to your local library authority’s website where you will find information on signing up for a library card. You might see an “Apply Online” button, an email address, or other instructions.

Even if your local library is closed, you may be able to sign up for a library card online. If you already have a library card, you don’t need to sign up again – just visit your local library’s website and check out the free resources they have available. The same library card you use to borrow books in person will give you online access.

What is a library authority?

Your local library sits in a group, or authority, of several library services that are close to each other. The Library Zone search will find authorities in your region and will show you which ones are running Gadgeteers in their libraries.

You can then click through to the webpage for your local authority where you will find useful information such as your local library’s opening hours and instructions for borrowing books online and in person.

If the Challenge is not running in your local library, you can still take part in Gadgeteers online!

Register for a website profile and set your summer reading goal. Rate and review the books you read to unlock digital badges and rewards, including a Gadgeteers certificate when you reach your reading goal.