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The Planet in a Pickle Jar

Martin Stanev, Martin Stanev

The Planet in a Pickle Jar


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

Average rating

5 out 5

41 reviews

When two kids visit Grandma's house for their usual visit, they can't help but think she's stuffy and no fun at all. Even the dinner she makes is predictable. But when Grandma goes missing and wild animals start popping up around the house, they realise she has a secret...



Good story but it could have a bit more description

Empress Rose Snivel 07.02.2024


We loved finding out that Grandma had made a forest and we loved the pickle jars!

Fairy Peaches Birdbath 27.08.2023


nice book

Princess Cilla Sunshine 24.08.2023


A very good way to teach kids how to keep your planet save.

Coach Fandango Taramasalata 23.08.2023


I didn't like the bit where the kids are on their devices all the time they are with their grandma when she waits to see them and only talks when they are there. I like the grandma in the story, though not as much as I love my grandma. The bit where the cat is under the bed reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood.

Anonymous 18.08.2023


Nice story, I enjoyed it

Count Natty Gormenghast 10.08.2023


I gavebit five because the pictures are beautiful and also the story was about the world and looking after the world.

Marshal Iguana Bungalow 31.07.2023


Really unusual but interesting book about saving the planet. be very good in school .

Anonymous 16.05.2023


Very nice

Anonymous 11.04.2023


Fantastic book to read and learn about cherishing the world and each other.

Captain Race-car Piccalilli 06.09.2022


Interesting book

Anonymous 06.09.2022


Great book

Dona Diamond Costa-Rica 02.09.2022


I really liked this book and the pictures. It was about magic pickle jars.

Lady Beryl Buffalo 02.09.2022


This book made me think of our environment and how to save it, which is needed c

Count Cello Hungry-Hippo 01.09.2022


I think this is funny and exciting. I like the penguin because it is cute. I would recommend it to people who like animal.

Viscountess Candyfloss Legend 31.08.2022


Lovely illustrations and made us all think

Fairy Lacey Sunshine 30.08.2022


it is a great book because grandma is clever and fun. Fiction book. Yes i do reccomednd it

Anonymous 30.08.2022


I liked this book so much it's on my birthday list. Mummy set up an activity to draw and colour in some jars with nature, history, feelings and all the other things on the page with the pickle jars on. I love non-fiction, so this frictional book, with a magical twist, with morals about family and helping the environment, preserving nature and out memories is relevant to us as a family and as a community.

Corporal Pluto Hungry-Hippo 28.08.2022


Imaginative. Wonderful drawings.

Lady Bijou Piano-key 27.08.2022


I think about all the animals. I liked all the people in the story, especially Grandma! I would recommend the book

Prince Quincy Pinkerton 22.08.2022

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