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The Girl Who Planted Trees

Caryl Hart, Anastasia Suvorova

The Girl Who Planted Trees


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41 reviews

In this empowering picture book by award-winning author Caryl Hart, one small girl inspires her whole village to plant a beautiful forest on the mountain. When a little girl's grandad shows her a picture of what the great, grey mountain used to look like, she can't wait to plant a new forest and for the animals to return.



I liked the book because the planted lots of trees and the mountain became so beautiful. Animals came back to the wonderful green land.

Princess Blossom Paddington 07.01.2024


I thought the book shows you how to take care of the world. I thought it was a good book. My favourite character was the girl, because she planted trees. I would recommend it to my friends to read.

Lord Switch Lavalamp 02.01.2024


A beautifully illustrated book. My daughter loves seeing the pictures and following the story about growing trees.

Countess Rapunzel Bertrand 02.01.2024


It was very interesting. I like the girl the best and would recommend it to my friends.

Princess Sunny Paperclip 27.12.2023


I liked the little girl because she helped to plant trees and I love that book

Lady Phoenix Colly-Wobbles 24.08.2023


Really enjoyed this.

Commander Cornelius Pennyfarthing 21.08.2023



Anonymous 15.08.2023


Great story about saving the planet and make it more green!

Anonymous 12.08.2023


I loved the pictures and the book was really easy to read

Countess Rapunzel Hammersmith 08.08.2023


I like that there was plants in it

Anonymous 01.08.2023


I really liked this book. It had a good message. The pictures were very good too.

Superintendent Bruno Bottlenose 31.07.2023


It was interesting because of the nature in it.

Anonymous 23.07.2023


I like the girl who planted trees because her trees are very beautiful.

Lady Ariel Mystery 13.07.2023


I love this book.It is an inspirational book that shows whatever your race whatever your gender whether you are big or small you can do anything to change the world.

Empress June Casserole 10.07.2023


Liked the story of growing new trees with grandpa. Great ideas of how to help the environment

Principal Cynthia Tyrannosaurus 06.02.2023


I love plants and the time when she grows trees.

Anonymous 21.10.2022


Its short, perfect for kids and has namy compliments about you, it also teaches you to never give up on your dreams

Doctor Lacey Windchime 20.09.2022


this book was vey nice to read. I liked the story.

Lady Beryl Buffalo 05.09.2022


It's so important to look after our planet. I like this story so much. The girl was good at planting trees

Professor Angora Pawprint 31.08.2022


the girls went to plant trees on their mountain because it was dry no life on it( o animals or trees) She buried her pip and watered them later. they started to grow but the storm destroyed her plants and trees. She and her grandpa planted some pips at home and waited to get them stronger and after they went together to the mountain to plant them. The village people did the same and they brought their plants and trees. They work together and looked after the trees and plant new ones. The girl grow old and the mountain became more beautiful and green with life.

Professor Pinky Gooseberry 24.08.2022

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