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Tala the Bengal Tiger

Beverly Jatwani, Sunita Chawdhary

Tala the Bengal Tiger


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5 out 5

15 reviews

Tala the Bengal Tiger is the second book in the Together We Can Change the World series. A series of seven stories, covering seven continents, with seven important virtues: Love, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Kindness, Integrity and Gratitude. Each book highlights a fundamental core value, whilst simultaneously encouraging children’s responsibility towards Planet Earth. The books’ protagonists are an endangered or threatened species from each continent. The second book in the series is a thrilling story about a girl and the endangered Bengal Tiger. What is the connection between little Veera and the mysterious tiger, Tala? This chance encounter will forever change Veera’s understanding of courage. Learn some terrific tiger facts, too!



Amazing. Would tell a friend they’d like to read it.

Anonymous 29.08.2023


Beautiful pictures.

General Mandrake Bacon-slicer 23.07.2023


Very interesting and nice story

Anonymous 11.04.2023


Too much moral

Earl Flash Fink 02.09.2022


I like Tala.

Major Grip Cuckoo-Clock 19.08.2022


I like the tiger. Tigers ar the bigist cat in the wurld.

Queen Bubbles Elephant 19.08.2022


I love Tigers, the tiger in this story had different coloured ears. The story wa a about being brave. The little girl was called Beers because it meant brave. I think my friends would like this book.

Fairy Jet Elephant 12.08.2022


This is a kind book

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 04.08.2022


I liked that she met the tiger.

Ambassador Cello Luther 31.07.2022


I think it was very interesting and very nice to read and I can't believe that she saw the same tiger when she was born!

Captain Honeycomb Sherbet 29.07.2022


I love stories about tigers.

Princess Fifi Sherbet 27.07.2022


I enjoyed this book because it has a tiger in it.

Lord Peanuts Godzilla 23.07.2022


The Bengal tiger saved a little girl who was very brave and called Veera. This book would be enjoyed by people who enjoyed rescue stories.

Fairy Marge Ridiculous 23.07.2022


I have learnt about tigers

Prince Portobello Biscuits 22.07.2022


Learning about tigers and where they live and the story

Countess Morgana Piano-key 22.07.2022

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