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Ada and the Galaxies

Alan Lightman, Olga Pastuchiv, Susanna Chapman

Ada and the Galaxies


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14 reviews

""A joyful and dazzling exploration of our universe"" Booklist Stargazers rejoice at this beautiful, accessible and fascinating story about our incredible night sky, with stunning pictures from the Hubble telescope! There is so much for Ada to do while visiting her grandparents on an island in Maine, but no amount of beachcombing and kayaking during the day can take the place of looking at the bright and beautiful stars at night. She can hardly wait for the sun to set, but will a thick fog spoil her stargazing plans? Photographs taken from the Hubble telescope are seamlessly layered with charming illustrations to beautifully bring to life this enchanting story of a curious child and her caring grandfather, who share a love for our incredible night sky and the mysteries it holds. ""A joyful and dazzling exploration of our universe"" Booklist, starred review “An insanely gorgeous and thought-provoking book” Books Up North ""Luminous"" The Bookseller ""Young readers will delight in seeing our universe’s interconnectedness, and, later, when Ada’s family dashes outside to spin in starlight, they will recognize the inextricable bonds among loved ones… Astonishing artwork shines."" Kirkus Reviews, starred review ""Chapman [artwork] draws power from glowing light sources, creating night skies that glitter and seawater that sparkles."" Publishers Weekly, starred review



I did not really like the names of the people in this book. I think it is a book for older people but there were sone interesting buts

Fairy Venus Sparrow 30.01.2024

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


i lived that ada really wanted to see the stars then her dream came true

Dona Panther Washington 04.09.2023


Very interesting book. I liked the art work.

Lord Quicksand Peanut-butter 02.08.2023


I really liked the illustrations but I thought the writing could of been a bit more detailed. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested into galaxies and stars.This is a really good book I really enjoyed it.

Lady Esmerelda O’Doughnut 23.07.2023


I loved the way Ada learnt about galaxies from her grandad. I knew about it from my visit to science museum. Yes I would recommend it to my friends.

Anonymous 25.12.2022



Anonymous 04.11.2022


I liked the pictures but it was too long.

Mademoiselle Petronella Teacup 27.08.2022


Inspiring and interesting

Commander Hank Paddington 27.08.2022


Amazing pictures!

Princess Bunny Hedgehog 16.08.2022


It was really good because she wanted to see the stars. My favourite character was Ada because she was brave & impatient!

Dona Iggy Quarantine 14.08.2022


I would not recommend it because it does not flow or describe all of the characters it shows. I did enjoy the information at the end which is headed "Seeing the night sky" because it told me lots of things that I didn't know.

Madam Sunny Flattery 10.08.2022


Galaxies look so beautiful

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 09.08.2022


A lovely story, great pictures

Chief Bruno Windchime 05.08.2022


It’s about one of my favourite topics, it’s really really fanscinating

Viscount Mars Sofa 30.07.2022

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