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Bears Make the Best Science Buddies

Carmen Oliver, Jean Claude

Bears Make the Best Science Buddies


Average rating

4 out 5

16 reviews



Not very good

Captain Tyler Peninsula 04.09.2023


I love sicence

Commander Octopus Haystack 29.08.2023


We really like the experiments

Coach Fandango Taramasalata 21.08.2023


I didn’t get to do all of the experiments but the ones I did were fun

Senorita Bunny Bertrand 25.09.2022


The best bit was the cookie dunk

Coach Diamond Spinner 17.09.2022


This was funny

Captain Iggy Waterfall 14.09.2022


Loved it

Princess Peaches Jumpsuit 01.09.2022


I liked the bear wen he had cookies on his hands and feet

Queen Bubbles Elephant 31.08.2022


The drawings were great

Superintendent Slide Sunshine 25.08.2022


It was quite good, I liked the illustrations and the different experiments, my favourite experiment is exploding lava. Bear was really excellent helping the children and he ate the cookies at the end which brilliant. Also the teachers name was really funny and it made me laugh!

Sergeant Snoopy Spaghetti-Hoops 22.08.2022


Can’t wait to try the cookie challenge

Dona Rapunzel Pennyfarthing 21.08.2022


My favourite part was when Bear and Adelaide helped the children do all of the Science experiments in one lesson. This is fiction because there are made-up characters and the bear can speak and in real life, the bear cannot speak. My favourite character was Bear because he knew so many things about Science. If I could change one thing in the book I would make this story about a bear who did everything himself.

Lady Esmerelda Dalmatian 15.08.2022


I liked that the bear was kind and helpful and enjoyed having our own milk and cookies experiment.

Inspector Pongo Bookmark 05.08.2022


The bear was my favourite character. I liked the book because I like science but I rated 4 because I am the best science buddy.

Baroness Honeycomb Supermarket 02.08.2022


It was truly great book about science, friends and safety. The most delicious and interesting experiment which I like the most, it was cookies experiment. The Bear did it with Adelaide. They put it cookies in the milk. Yummy! I highly recommend this book for kids who like science like me.

Coach Leach Bobble-hat 31.07.2022


I like he science. I have made some experiments like in the book.

Anonymous 20.07.2022

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