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One More Try

Naomi Jones, James Jones

One More Try


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Circle loves the tower that the squares and hexagons have built and wants to make his own. But circles, diamonds and triangles are pointier, rounder and much wobblier - making a tower is not as easy as it looks! The shapes try and try but their tower just keeps tumbling down. Can Circle persuade them to have just one more try? In this perfectly shaped follow up to the bestselling The Perfect Fit geometry meets brilliant storytelling and vibrant artwork.



I didn't like it when the towers collapsed but liked when they never gave up.

Dame Jewel Armadillo 08.08.2023


It surprised me how interesting the story is. It's about team work and thinking outside the box.

Superintendent Natty Birdbath 01.05.2023


Excellent book to encourage kids to try harder and once more.

Captain Race-car Piccalilli 06.09.2022


I liked this book very much. this is a story about trying hard to make things work. I liked circle the best, he tried very hard to build the tower.

Lady Beryl Buffalo 05.09.2022


They always keep trying.

Anonymous 26.08.2022


So circle showed everyone his plan they should be totally flat.

Master Aardvark Bluebird 13.08.2022


The circle is not giving up well done!!!

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 09.08.2022


Yeah I think the diamonds,triangles and circles have one more try

Princess Angel Squirrel 03.08.2022


The book type was fiction not non-fiction. My favourite character is circle because he was the smartest. I would recommend it to someone else. It made me very happy that they found out how to do it at the end.

Lord Raccoon Mozzarella 03.08.2022

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