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Elephant Island

Leo Timmers, Leo Timmers

Elephant Island


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4 out 5

9 reviews

A shipwrecked elephant makes his tiny island a home for the many friends who come to the rescue, building increasingly intricate constructions that turn Elephant Island into a fun park city.



I didn’t like this book because it wasn’t very nice as the elephant was stuck.

Nurse Gloriana Porridge-Oats 28.07.2023


I didn’t really like this book because I don’t feel like it taught me anything. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

General Magnolia Tyrannosaurus 28.07.2023


Enjoyed this story

Principal Rose Custard 13.09.2022


I like the illustrations in the book. Arnold was amazing for expanding the island to accommodate so many animals. I like the snake best because it looked like a sea monster. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes sea.

Senor Dragon Bluebird 27.08.2022


Really good

Baron River Ridiculous 27.08.2022


Island got bigger and the elephant was kind Elephant was clever

Anonymous 07.08.2022


I love this book! The island Arnold built is wonderful!!! Arnold is my favourite. I want my friend to read it too!

Ambassador Kipper Yo-yo 07.08.2022


This book was fun. The elephant was funny.

Captain Jiminy Eragon 05.08.2022


Elephant island I would like to visit

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 04.08.2022

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