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The Little Pirate Queen

Sally Anne Garland, Sally Anne Garland

The Little Pirate Queen


Average rating

5 out 5

6 reviews

Lucy sails across the sea fixing and mending her small rickety raft hoping to reach Far Away Island. But when a gigantic wave sweeps all the other children away, except Lucy, The Little Pirate Queen is determined to rescue everyone no matter what. A story about resilience, empowerment and compassion, beautifully written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland.



It's amazing

Anonymous 05.08.2023


A good story about working together as a team,

Countess Wanda Godzilla 19.10.2022


This is my new favourite book

Professor Carnaby Piccalilli 30.08.2022


Lucy finds the Far Away Island!

Marshal Leach Sunshine 15.08.2022


It’s a lovely book. It’s tells us how we can follow our dreams and still be good and helpful to others. It’s a fiction book and I liked Lucy the most because she is so brave. Yes I will definitely recommend this book to my friends.

Anonymous 10.08.2022


I like books that are adventurous

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 09.08.2022

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