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1,444,784 books read so far

Very good games



Hi. You must read the David Baddiel books. I have two books by David Baddiel. They are:
The Parent Agency and Animalcolm. In my wish list for the summer reading challenge I have:
“Birthday boy” by David Baddiel. ( Sorry if I included David Baddiel too much in this piece of text. He is a great author.)


Princess Fenella Pawprint

Hello, this is how to unlock all avatars…
Read lots of books! When I read 13 + I unlocked Doug the Dog.
To enter codes click
Then scroll down until you come to your badges.
Beneath that there should be a search bar where you can type your code in.
Then a link appears just click on it and it will take you to the site!

Happy reading!

Mouse the cat

Director Sapphire Quest

Who likes Katherine Rundell here?


Captain Rose Possum

I have read so many books I just achieved my goals.

Book girl


Do you guys have any good/favourite books that I could read?



I really loved Classroom princess, from the magic puppy series!


Principal Letizia Anteater

Hello everybody I am Lady Diamond Mildew

Book girl

Lady Diamond Mildew