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Summer Reading Challenge 2020

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Have you read bad girls by Jaquline Wilson? It’s brilliant!

Book girl

Coach Daisy Paddington

I have just reached my goal of 100 books!!!!!

Book girl

Coach Daisy Paddington

How do I print of the certificate. Goal reached but I can’t see a certificate


Sir Chester Mildew

How many books has everyone read?

Book girl

Director Aphrodite Armadillo

Does anybody here read i hate pixies?Please,anyone?


Senorita Petunia Pineapple

Very good games love the activities and the free home books are good for the kids and they are very well in


Quest-seeker Jet Gravy

This is a quiz on Enid Blyton books such as secret seven, Malory Towers and St Clares. Try it and I will give out the answer on Friday afternoon.
1: who is the head of the secret seven?
2: what is jack’s sister called in the secret seven?
3: what is the name of Darrell’s sister in Malory Towers?
4: who is the head teacher of Malory Towers?
5: What are the twins called in st Clares?
6: Who is the oldest in The famous five?
7: does George want to be a boy or a girl in the famous five?
Try your luck! See if you win! If you do win I will send out a message saying the top 3 winners.

Book girl

Mademoiselle Honeycomb Turkey

i am not really sure if i can read any of the books but i really like the club so far


Captain Birthday-cake Bertrand


Mademoiselle Honeycomb Turkey