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Has anyone got books that they would recommend

nilsolev Senorita Angel Rollercoaster

Just choose a random one!

Princess Iguana Costa-Rica

Alex Rider, Night Shade. It is the greatest book ever. Or Just the Alex Riders

Ambassador Horatio Bojangles


Medusa Princess Iguana Costa-Rica

I just got my 50 books badge!!! I am so happy! Well done to everyone who has earnt a badge!!!
Anyway, Hello everyone!
I am princess iguana Costa Rica,
I am going to start a book club!
It is called Books=best, and I hope you will join!!!
I will post a book quiz every week (I don’t know a particular day yet.)
Here is my first quiz about Ottoline by Chris Riddel:
1. What is Ottoline’s pet\animal?
2. Where does she live?
3. How many books are there?
4. Who lives in the basement?
5. In one book there is a yellow cat, what is she? A. A dogsitter, B. A dogwalker or C. A thief?
I hope you liked it!
From princess iguana Costa Rica.
P.S write in the comments if you want to join. I will post the answers soon!!

Medusa Princess Iguana Costa-Rica

Who on here goes on the Jacqueline Wilson website? Also, can you recommend some books to me? Any genre will be fine. Also, like this if you have read Harry Potter.

Baskerville Captain Iggy Bouncy-castle Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

Any Rick Riordan books
Land of Stories
The Magisterium series


Suitcase Kid

Explorer Trigger Hammersmith

Star reviewer I have not got mine yet, no fair!

Explorer Trigger Hammersmith