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Hello! Hope everyone’s having a great holiday. I am really enjoying reading ‘The Boy In The Tower’ I think it’s great! My favourite place to read is in bed! How about everyone else?


Fairy Babs Buffalo

hello I love lots of books but I think that hotel flamingo holiday heatwave is my favourite.


Dona Wanda Pawprint

thats the end of chapter one by the way , i’m just reading chapter 2

thanks for liking my page if u did!
i promise there will be more


Marshal Slip Mildew

What do you say after a man-eating dinosaur walks past?

Do you worry after a man-eating animal walks past and your a woman?
No! It’s a man eating animal!

What did the plioce man say to his tummy?
Your under a vest!


Prince Cornetto Washington

Hahaha! They are really good!

Principal Pixie Spaceship

My favourite author is David Walliams because his books are funny and full of adventure and raj the newsagent is really funny. My favourite book from David Walliams is Ratburger because it’s funny and adventurous and you never know what’s going to happen next. I can’t put his books down!


Director Mildred Legend

hey guys


Queen Agnetha Anteater

ive just unlocked my 4 books badge!!!


Coach Sandwich Teabag

ive just earned my 4 books badge!!!


Coach Sandwich Teabag