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how many books has everybody read?


princess fandango submarine


Princess Fandango Submarine

Hi guys,

There is this interesting book called the inner planets, it’s about the planets closest to the sun. This book is brilliant for space lovers and there are loads of amazing facts and pictures taken by real landers and satellites. And guess what there is a outer planets to.


Professor Marge O’Doughnut

I totally recommend helping our planet. It is a brilliant book for all ages and really makes you want to make a change.
With amazing pictures and easy writing to read.


Professor Marge O’Doughnut

I recommend super cat chip thief



Very good games



Hi. You must read the David Baddiel books. I have two books by David Baddiel. They are:
The Parent Agency and Animalcolm. In my wish list for the summer reading challenge I have:
“Birthday boy” by David Baddiel. ( Sorry if I included David Baddiel too much in this piece of text. He is a great author.)


Princess Fenella Pawprint

Hello, this is how to unlock all avatars…
Read lots of books! When I read 13 + I unlocked Doug the Dog.
To enter codes click
Then scroll down until you come to your badges.
Beneath that there should be a search bar where you can type your code in.
Then a link appears just click on it and it will take you to the site!

Happy reading!

Mouse the cat

Director Sapphire Quest