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Who’s reached 100 books? Please reply


Director Birthday-cake Pudding-Basin

Hi! Pity it has finished. How many books have you read?


Director Birthday-cake Pudding-Basin


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Count Bruno Satellite

I’m still reading a book and I m a starter and how much books did you read


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Baroness Flopsy Bubble-wrap

I’m feeling quite bored, so here’s a Harry Potter quiz! I’m going to post the answers as well soon [unless something pops up!]
these are in different categories based upon which book they are. General just means they can be found in nearly every book. Also, you do not have to answer every question. For those you dont know, you can skip. The numbers should make it easy to coordinate! Some of the questions may be hard, I tried to do something challenging!

WARNING! Spoilers will be found up ahead! It is recommended not to answer these if you haven’t read the books/watched the movies before


1. What house is Crabbe in?

2. Which two houses have a rivalry?

3. Where did Lily and James Potter live before Voldemort’s attack?

4. [Challenging!] Why had Neville Longbottom’s parents gone mad?

5. What is the Hogwarts Motto?

Philosophers stone:

6. [Challenging!] What is the shape of the birthmark on Dumbledore’s knee?

7. What animal does Prof. McGonagall shapeshift into?

8. Where was the first place that Harry, his uncle, aunt and Dudley go after getting bombarded with letters?

9. What colour was the stamp on the Hogwarts letter?

Chamber of Secrets:

10. Who had been framed for letting the basilisk out?

11. Who actually let it out?

12. How long did it take to brew the Polyjuice potion?

13. What does the Polyjuice potion even do?

14. Was Draco Malfoy the heir of Slytherin?

15. What horcrux was destroyed in this book/movie?

16. How did Harry destroy Tom Riddle’s diary?

Prisoner of Azkaban:

17. What colour was the Knight Bus?

18. What breed of dogs did Aunt Marge have?

19. Why was Harry trying to run away from his Aunt and Uncle?

20. [Challenging question!] Why did the Minister Of Magic let Harry off for casting a spell underage?

21. What did Lupin’s boggart turn into?

22. Why did Lupin decide against letting Harry face the Boggart?

23. Why were the Weasleys in the news?

Thank you all a lot for reading this, and good luck if you enter it via replying to this message! :D

this took a lot of typing, ahah. I’m a very big Potter Nerd, if you cant tell!
I’ve only done questions up to Prisoner of Azkaban right now, but I’ll try to do more!
So consider this a part one!


Princess Letizia Waterfall

2 slithering and griffindor
3 godrics hollow

General June Moonlight

I’ve just written 4000 words for one of my pieces of writing :D

i’m quite proud of it, haha.

anybody else writing their own stories? I sure am!


Princess Letizia Waterfall

I really like all of the Horrid Henry books 📚

Thanks for reading my message.

P.S. I just hoped you liked it


Princess Blueberry Heronimus

Hi there
How are you doing have a great day ❤️

From Princess Blueberry Hernonimos


Princess Blueberry Heronimus


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