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Pieface's summer reads

Pieface has come up with some great Summer Reading Challenge suggestions (his pet potato Paul may have helped him out a little bit!)

Take a look and you might find your next Mischief Makers book:

Knighthood for Beginners by Elys Dolan
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11 August 2018

Sporty Stories booklist

This year has been a fantastic time for some exciting sports. We’ve had the Winter Olympics, the World Cup, Wimbledon and the brilliant European Championships. We’ve been inspired by many moments of amazement so we created a booklist of our favour… read more

9 August 2018

Rubi's summer reads

If you’re a keen inventor, a top puzzle solver, or you just like getting stuck in and making stuff like Rubi, you’ll love these summer reading recommendations!

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

When robot Roz crash lands on an island, she’s … read more

7 August 2018