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Winter Mini Booklist

Winter Mini Booklist

Winter Mini Booklist  image

Check out the official Wild World Heroes Winter Mini Booklist !

You're sure to find plenty of inspiration for this year's Winter Mini Challenge with these awesome recommendations.

CLICK HERE to find out more about these brilliant books. You… read more

12 December 2021

Be a Wild World Hero this Winter!

Be a Wild World Hero this Winter!

Be a Wild World Hero this Winter!  image

Welcome to the Winter Mini Challenge 2021!

For the Summer Reading Challenge this year we teamed up with WWF and explored nature and action for the environment with the Wild World Heroes.

This winter we are very excited that the Wild Wo… read more

1 December 2021



Well done to everyone who took part in this year's Summer Reading Challenge.

You've read an incredible number of books, written amazing reviews, earned stickers, badges and rewards and you've all become Wild World Heroes!

AND you've help… read more

24 September 2021

It's Beach Week with Callum!

It's Beach Week with Callum!

Time to celebrate our beautiful beaches!

Callum loves exploring Wilderville Bay with his companion, Shelby the Hermit Crab. Whether they're swimming, surfing or searching for interesting wildlife, they always have a fantastic time at the beac… read more

23 August 2021

Time for a Fantastic Week with Faiza!

Time for a Fantastic Week with Faiza!

This week is all about Faiza!

She loves gaming, coding and making videos about issues affecting her neighbourhood (her cat, Mouse, is the star of them!). This summer, she's been thinking about ways to cut down on air pollution and she's det… read more

16 August 2021

Introducing Wild World Sramble

Introducing Wild World Sramble

Are you a puzzle master?

To celebrate this year’s Wild World Heroes theme, we’re releasing a brand-new game – Wild World Scramble!

To play, you need to complete three different puzzles of the heroes. Tap any tile to move it into the emp… read more

12 August 2021

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