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Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers image

Get ready for a summer of treasure-seeking fun with the Mischief Makers!

For this year’s Summer Reading Challenge we’re off to Beanotown, where rumour has it there’s a treasure chest full of epic pranks waiting to be discovered…

Sa… read more

1 June 2018

Stories from around the world

May is National Share-A-Story Month (NSSM) and there’s a world of brilliant stories out there waiting to be read.

This month we have selected our favourite stories for children and young people that were either written in a different language … read more

3 May 2018

Introducing...the Star Reviewer badge!

If you’re a super-keen Summer Reading Challenge regular, you may have spotted a badge on your profile page called Star Reviewer

This extra special badge has been patiently waiting for its turn to be unlocked, and now we’re very excited to tell … read more

11 April 2018