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Campaign for Wilderville with Carys!

Campaign for Wilderville with Carys!

This week is all about Carys!

She’s passionate about helping the environment and making Wilderville the best place to live ever! This year, she wants to organise a festival in town that gets everyone excited about caring for the natural world.

When she’s not busy saving the planet, she likes to go birdwatching at the local park with Doug the dog. She carries her binoculars around everywhere, just in case she spots rare bird.

Carys has recommended a great bunch of books this week. Twitch is about a boy who loves birds as much as she does! And Wild City shows us how even in towns there are incredible animals and breath-taking wildlife to be found.

Make sure to check out the activities page to find out more about the Wilderville areas and explore all the ways you can become a Wild World Hero this summer!

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