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Entering our competitions is a great way to practise your reading and writing, get creative and win lovely prizes from your favourite authors!

Mike Dumbleton

Santa's High-Tech Christmas - design a sleigh competition

Do you want to win a bundle of awesome books and help Santa deliver all his presents?
All you have to do is design a super charged sleigh so that Santa can get to all the houses in time!

Fred Blunt

Santa Claus VS The Easter Bunny drawing competition

Design a new toy competition! You could win a a bundle of hilariously funny picture books.

Matt Haig and Chris Mould

Father Christmas and Me Colouring Competition

Can you help Santa customise his new look? Colour in the picture for your chance to WIN a £30 book token!

Enid Blyton

Write your own adventure competition

If you had your own Wishing- Chair what would you wish for and what might happen? Will
you meet Binky, the Grabbit Gnomes, or wizards and giants?

You could win a book bundle for your school or library worth £100 !