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Slide recommends: Dream Teams

Slide recommends: Dream Teams

Slide loves books about friendship, whether they feature double acts saving the day, characters making friends in unexpected places, or friends working together – just like the Animal Agents!
Here are his top friendship-themed reads for this summer.

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Up, Up and Away! by Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton

Three more stories of bravery and derring-do from our favourite baker boys! Rich old Lady Poshington is staying at the fanciest hotel in town, just as a spate of burglaries takes place. Can Shifty and Sam go undercover to catch the thief?

Superintendent Zeus Bacon-slicer said: This book was brilliant because it had lots of exciting adventures that they got up to.

Spynosaur by Guy Bass and Lee Robinson

Top spy-entists put the mind of a secret agent inside the body of a dinosaur to create the first ever Super Secret Agent Dinosaur. His codename: Spynosaur. Together with his daughter Amber, this prehistoric hero protects the world from villainy. When Department 6 learn that all-round bad egg-head and criminal mastermind Ergo Ego has created a super-secret weapon known only as the McGuffin, there’s only one person for the job… Can Spynosaur find this weapon of mass mischief and put a stop to Ego’s nefarious plans – preferably without blowing everything up…

King Pablo Armadillo said: I think people should read this because everybody likes action, adventure, spies, and danger. Also it’s comedy and the illustrations are well made.

The Wilderness War by Julia Green

A summer spent in the place Noah and his friends call the Wilderness, is a summer spent making dens, sleeping under the stars, and toasting marshmallows over an open fire. It’s freedom.
Until one day their Wilderness is sold and set for development and their dens torn down to make way for houses. For Noah and his friends this means war and they’ll do anything to stop the Wilderness being destroyed.

Mademoiselle Rose Armadillo said: It is the best book I have ever read and I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves the wild and playing outside with friends and having adventures!

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Moving Mammoth by Mike Nicholson and Mike Phillips

The Museum Mystery Squad investigates the case of a shifting stuffed prefistoric animal. Can they sift through the clues and unravel the puzzle before the museum faces a mammoth-sized problem?

Dona Jewel Lanzarote said: If you love solving crimes this book is for you It is AMAZING! At night someone keeps moving the animals in the museum. Who can it be?

Pet Defenders of the Earth: Attack of the Alien Dung by Gareth P. Jones and Steve May

Secret agent Biskit is not happy when he discovers his new partner Mitzy is a cat – everyone knows that cats and dogs don’t mix. But saving the earth from alien invasions must come first and the planet is under attack! A cluster of cow pats has flown into town and they’re whipping up a stink… It’s time for Biskit and Mitzy to put aside their differences and kick some alien butt!

Marshal Beany Nuggets said: I thought it was funny and adventurous and it was full of action.

The Young Magicians and the Thieves’ Almanac by Nick Mohammed

On a London street, four unlikely friends stand before the astonishingly ordinary-looking blue door of the Magic Circle . . .

Alex doesn’t say much, and once jumped when handed a satsuma, but, wow, is he amazing with a deck of cards.

Zack is undoubtedly one of the best pickpockets in the country (but always puts things back).

Sophie once convinced her Brown Owl that all the other Brownies were jellyfish thanks to her nifty hypnosis skills – and then never returned.

Jonny – who is quite possibly the tallest boy in the universe – mixes science and magic with spectacular consequences (mostly explosions).

Join these young magicians as they step inside the world-famous conjuring club in an adventure that may or may not involve the search for a secret book, a set of impossible crimes and . . . oh, yes – a flock of very confused pigeons.

Intrigued? Confused? Well, you’re just going to have to decide for yourself, AREN’T YOU?

Judge Dragon Cuckoo-Clock said:
This book is very funny and I was laughing my head off by page 2!
I like the things which the characters get up to and I think there should be more books in the series! Also you can try most of the tricks in this book at home! (Disappearance, card tricks, etc.)
The book has four main characters, reading from left to right on the cover; Alex (The shy one) Jonny (The tall one) Zack (The showy one) Sophie (The clever one)
In conclusion, I would like to say… THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!! READ IT!!!!!

What books do you recommend?
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