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Bart recommends: Fantastic Facts

Bart recommends: Fantastic Facts

Bart likes to sort facts from fiction to keep his detective skills sharp. He’s very good at catching out suspects who try and fib their way out of trouble!

Here are some of his top recommendations for non-fiction books.

Sea Otters

Read about the amazing lives of sea otters! This book gives you a close-up look at the lives of sea otters as they play, dive and eat together.

Don Itchy Costa-Rica said: It has lots of facts and is very interesting.

Real or Fake?: Far-Out Fibs, Fishy Facts, and Phony Photos to Test for the Truth by Emily Krieger

Can you tell the truth from a tall tale? Spot a phony photo a mile away? Figure out a fib in five seconds flat? Put your amateur detective skills to work in this fun and wacky book.

General Tuesday O’Doughnut said: If you like TRUE OR FALSE Questions, this is the book for you!!! It is a wonderful book with puzzles and loads, loads more!! ENJOY!! HAPPY READING !

Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

A two metre long millipede and a dinosaur smaller than a chicken are just some of the animals in this actual-size look at prehistoric life on earth.

Madam Ariel Desperado said: I thought that the book was amazing because there is a lot of information and it’s surprising because I did not even know animals were that big and that small years ago.

Lesser Spotted Animals by Martin Brown

Bison are banned and tigers are taboo. Say goodbye to the gnu, cheerio to the cheetah and poo poo to the panda. The world of Lesser Spotted Animals STARTS HERE! Discover the brilliant beasts you never knew you needed to know about – from the numbat to the zorilla and everything in between.

Lady Aphrodite Eggybread said: This is a very good book about the worlds’ lesser spotted animals. After reading it I now know lots of odd and interesting facts about unusual animals. Everyone should read this book!

Would You Rather: Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot? by Camilla de le Bedoyere and Mel Howells

Would you rather dine with a dung beetle, drink with a mosquito, have supper with a spider or lunch with a maggot? Discover the revolting eating habits of bugs and decide what you’d rather eat, where you’d rather live and what super senses you’d rather have.

Marshal Ariel Waltzer said: The book tells you very interesting facts and you have an option on each fact, and after you chose them it will tell you what creature you are.

Get the Scoop on Animal Snot, Spit & Slime! by Dawn Cusick

Snot, spit, and slime may sound gross, but there’s a lot of science in these icky fluids. Mucus and saliva help animals eat, breathe, build, communicate, and defend themselves from predators and their environments. From spitting cobras and snot otters to slime stars and snotties, explore the world of animal snot, spit, and slime

General Ariel Quagmire said: This book is a gross non-fiction book.It teaches you facts you may not have known before. I enjoyed learning new facts about snot,spit and slime.It has some stomach -churning pictures and some crazy experiments.
The facts in this book are completely mind boggling and its very relaxing to read it after a long day! I recommend this repulsive book for 7+ because younger children might get a little scared. Hope you enjoy the book.

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