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Ready to Read Aloud!

Ready to Read Aloud!

National Storytelling Week is just around the corner!

This annual celebration for storytellers begins on Saturday 27 January, and we’re getting in the spirit by sharing some of our favourite books to read aloud.

You can get involved too – you could read aloud to your family, friends, pets or teachers! Can you suggest a book for someone to read aloud to you?

However you celebrate National Storytelling Week, we hope that you have a fantastic time.

Take a look at some of our recommendations for stories to share aloud:


Simon Sock by Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet and Nick East

Simon is an odd, stripey sock. He lives in the drawers with all the other socks.
Every day two socks get picked to go on an adventure. The sparklies go to parties. The woolies go the park. The smarts go to school. Everyone has a pair… except Simon.
Will he ever find his perfect match?


A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

The Browns find Paddington waiting at Paddington station. They also find that he is a very unusual bear. Ordinary things – like having a bath, travelling underground or going to the seaside become quite extraordinary, if a bear called Paddington is involved.

Viscount Zeus Slingshot said: I think that you should read this book because it is funny, and there is always something going on! Recommendation: 100%

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

The small, brave heroine of these sweet tales is full of infectious fun. Madeline is one of twelve little girls walking in two straight lines through Paris. She may be the smallest but she is also the one most inclined to create some mischief – which makes her fun to read about.


Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears by Verna Aardema

Mosquito tells Iguana a tall tale that sets off a chain reaction that ends in jungle disaster…


The BFG by Roald Dahl

On a dark, silvery moonlit night, Sophie is snatched from her bed by a giant. Luckily it is the Big Friendly Giant, the BFG, who only eats snozzcumbers and glugs frobscottle.
But there are other giants in Giant Country. Fifty foot brutes who gallop far and wide every night to find human beans to eat.
Can Sophie and her friend the BFG stop them?

General Angora Spaceship said: I recommend this to anyone because it is an exciting story and its cool


A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’engle

This story is a special and exciting mixture of fantasy and science fiction, which all the way through is dominated by the funny and mysterious trio of guardian angels known as Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who and Mrs Which.

We think these books are brilliant for reading aloud too – how many have you read?

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