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Beetle Boy

M.G. Leonard


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5 out 5

Darkus's dad has disappeared - but his new friend, a giant beetle called Baxter, is some consolation. Together, boy and beetle set out to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance. But Lucretia Cutter - a fashion designer with a penchant for beetle jewellery - is dead set against their success ...


No offence, but I hated this book.I only read a couple of chapters, and disliked it.Why? I didn't like the characters, the lack of women and not much description! Read if you want to though, I don't want to stop anyone from reading what they want.

Anonymous 22.03.2018

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this very comical and exiting book. It opens the readers eyes wide to the life of other creatures and how us as humans are affecting their lives. I would definitely recommend this exiting read to others.

Sergeant Hercules Spinner 14.08.2019

It was a really good book for me because, it included Darkus's dad (Darkus is the main character) getting kidnapped and, a mountain of beetles called Beetle Mountain. A mysterious figure once known as Lucy Johnstone now called Lucretia Cutter is the number one on the suspect list with her secret relationship with Darkus's dad and great knowledge of 'The Fabre Project' is she really the true kidnapper?

Principal Beany Mittens 10.08.2019

This was a very engaging read.

Coach Friday Armchair 25.07.2019

I would defentatly recommend this book because I love mystry and excitment just like this book. If I could choose wich beetle friend I would like it would be bertolt/Einstiens glow worm.

Dame Boadicea Piano-key 20.07.2019

This book is really good! It is quite sad at the beginning because the main character, Darkus' dad goes missing so he has to go and live with his uncle Max. He then finds a beetle , becomes friends with it and calls it Baxter. At his new school, Darkus becomes friends with Virginia and Bertlot and together they will solve the mystery. My favorite character in the book is probably Virginia because she is always very bright and bubbly and sometimes quite funny too. This book was probably one of the most interesting books I've read because it had lots of interesting facts in it that I didn't know about beetles so this book was probably what I'd call a mix of facts and fiction. I think beetle boy is in a series of three so I'd really like to read the rest of the books. I give this book 5 stars!

Madam Nectarine Jumpsuit 19.07.2019

Beetle boy is an exiting fiction book . My favourite character was Darcus .

Doctor Nectarine Rollercoaster 04.07.2019

It made me think about “insecty”

Senorita Ursula Rubber-duck 01.07.2019

I would recommend it to people who like bugs and adventure stories. I liked it because there was never a dull part and it was always exciting. I liked Darkus the best.

Marshal Slip Astronomical 05.01.2019

beetle boy the gross but exellent book by mg. leonard

Professor Wanda Owl 29.08.2018

Wow what a mysterious adventure. This book is exciting and intriguing from start to finish.

Anonymous 20.08.2018

My favourite characters were the neighbours next door because they hated each other so much even though they were living together. I'd recommend this book definitely

Fairy Cilla Lavalamp 08.08.2018

Fantastic book

Anonymous 25.07.2018

Amazing my favorite characters were Novak and Virginia.

Director Mildred Pawprint 23.07.2018

This book is extraordinary. It's about this boy called Darkus who lives with his dad also there's this suspicious woman who's calling herself something she's not! Darkus finds a beetle but when the beetle goes missing with his father the hunt is on! Who's behind all this?

Fairy Magnolia Scratchings 19.07.2018

This was a super book, with lots of very cool beetles, superb characters and very good surprises. I would think lots of people would like it, especially if you like adventures (and beetles!) I hadn't read the first two books in the series but still managed to enjoy this one.

General Honeycomb Jamboree 22.06.2018

This was a really good book. I liked it a lot. I thought it was a really good story and really unusual. I especially liked all the information about the different beetles. You would like this book if you like insects and bugs and if you like adventure stories.

Coach Daisy Armadillo 23.01.2018

You shoudn't read this book because it doesn't tell a good story.

Anonymous 14.12.2017

it was a bit boring in the middle because it kept switching to different characters and it was really boring because I lost track but it was exiting.

Anonymous 12.12.2017

This book was a fantastic read. It is about a boy called Darkus who befriends a beetle, that's unusual, right? But is this beetle the key of finding out the diserpearence of Darkus's dad? Read this book to find out.

Anonymous 13.09.2017

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