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this challenge is very interesting and it makes me want to read more at home

Rani Anonymous

Im On Gold Already In 6 Days!!! Is That Cool!!

Aesop Anonymous

I’ve been doing the summer scheme for years and they’ve asked me to help them out in the library with the summer scheme!!!!! I’ve already finished but I can’t wait to grab another book. This really is a great thing to do!!!!!!! :-)

Evie Anonymous

I must be the biggest book worm in the universe, this school year I’ve read over 150 books, the most in my class!!!
At the moment I am reading “Strictly Friends” by Jo Cotterill.
I have done stoy lab for the past two years and I can’t wait to get reading!!!!!
My mum and Dad won’t buy me any more books because they say it would cost too much to buy them all!!!

Evie Anonymous