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Poetry Reading Club: a tasty new read!

Joshua Seigal and Neal Zetter are two of our favourite poets.
Their poetry always makes us laugh and if you’ve been lucky enough to have them visit your school then you’ll know how much fun their poetry performances are too.

Now they’ve created a book together: called Yuck and Yum it’s a feast of funny food poems – here’s one of our favourites

Yuck and Yum book jacket

O, Cauliflower!

O, Cauliflower!
I love you so.
You look like a fantastic flowering fist
punching its way through the earth,
or a cloudy brain brandishing
the soil’s sweet secrets.
O, Cauliflower!
Children hate you, and it makes me sad.
I want to gather you in my arms
and feel your charming roughness
against my furrowed cheeks.
I long to feel your wholesome honesty
dance in my nostrils.
I want to scrub my skin with you.
O, Cauliflower!
Your shrubbery
makes my legs
go rubbery.
Please don’t ever leaf me!


There are lots more too, and be warned, the yuck ones are very yucky indeed!

You can see Joshua reading another food themed poem, I’m Addicted to Chicken, from his book I Don’t Like Poetry here:

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