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Happy Poems

Roger McGough

Happy Poems


  • Poetry - rhyme, rhythm and rap
  • Poetry - rhyme, rhythm and rap

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5 out 5

5 reviews

Happy poems for interesting times from the critically acclaimed poet Roger McGough



I like some of the poems but some of them don't make sense to me. It's OK.

Don Mandrake Spaceship 23.08.2021


It makes me smile every day it is a really good book

Anonymous 06.08.2021


I liked “The Magic Pebble” by Roger McGough because in the poem the pebble made teachers disappear! If I found my own magic pebble I would wish for more toy foxes. I also liked “The Laughter Forecast” by Sue Cowling. I thought the words made it sound like children giggling. And it’s very clever that it is written like a weather forecast.

Chief Pluto Pineapple 26.07.2021


A nice uplifting book with lots of different poems. I like the ones about cats.

Esquire Merlin Hoverboard 14.09.2020



Anonymous 20.08.2020