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Malachy Doyle

The magnificent Malachy Doyle is our Author of the Month for June!

Malachy filmed a very special video from his home on a tiny island in Ireland (try saying that five times fast!)

Watch our interview to hear all about Malachy’s frightfully good book, Pete and the Five-a-side Vampires, and see if you can spot something a bit different about him…

More about Pete and the Five-a-side Vampires

Pete and his faithful companion, Blob the Basset Hound, love to go a-wandering in the pitch-dark night.

But they get more than they bargain for when they stumble across a Van-load of Vampires, a Weirdness of Werewolves, a Herd of Horrible Hell-Hounds, a Bangity-Banging Bwca and finally end up at the most frightful Fancy Dress Party in History!

Can Pete and Blob save the day (well, the night), or will The Horrors win?

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