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Guy Bass

Our September author of the month is Guy Bass!

Guy told us all about his brand new book Spynosaur and his upcoming book Aidan Abet, Teacher’s Pet

Watch our video to find out if Guy thinks he would make a good spy, who his favourite author was when he was growing up, and to get a sneaky peek at his super cool writing room!

More about Spynosaur

SPYNOSAUR is secret agency Department 6’s not-so secret weapon. Created by mysterious science rays, Spynosaur has the mind of a super spy and the body of a dinosaur. Dedicated to protecting the world from criminal masterminds, this prehistoric powerhouse dishes out justice and puns to a host of eccentric enemies. But when he and his sidekick daughter Amber are sent to rescue a captured fellow agent, Spynosaur becomes embroiled in a plot to frame him. Can he and Amber clear his name in time to save the world?

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More about Aidan Abet, Teacher’s Pet

Aidan Abet doesn’t get on with other kids but it doesn’t matter – he knows how to get teachers onside and so he never need worry. But then Aidan’s tame teacher retires and is replaced by Miss Vowel and her menagerie of unsettling animals. And then the disappearances begin… Undaunted, Aidan throws his lot in with Miss Vowel and the only challenge is to avoid becoming – quite literally – teacher’s pet.

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