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Meet the Rockets: Nana Whiz and Baby Bear

Meet the Rockets: Nana Whiz and Baby Bear

Say hello to Nana Whiz and baby Bear!
They are the oldest and youngest members of the Rocket family. We trust you can work out who’s who!

Nana Whiz adores taking her turbo bike out for a spin through the skies.
Her blue alien pal Dot likes to come along for the ride too! You’ll need to be quick to catch up with her, so those naughty aliens had better watch out…

Nana has a passion for gardening and likes to grow unusual space vegetables. Her latest creation is magellini, which looks a bit like Earth broccoli, but tastes just like candy floss.

Nana Whiz really enjoys taking her grandchildren Leo, Cass and Bear to the Moon Library. They like to get cosy on a big beanbag and read stories together, so she is extra determined to find those missing books!

Baby Bear may be little, but he has big plans!
Bear likes to go exploring and is an expert at squeezing into tight spots. He loves to zoom around the Rockets’ home using a mini jet pack his mum Holly made for him.

Bear visits the Moon Library every week and his favourite activity is Rhyme Time. His brother Leo and sister Cass take turns choosing a book to read to Bear at bedtime.

Bear’s best friend in the whole universe is Laika the dog – they both enjoy cuddles and snacks!

Join Bear and Nana at your library this summer for Space Chase!

Can you help the Rockets find the missing books and the naughty aliens who took them?

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