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Space Chase

Space Chase

Space Chase image

Get ready for an out of this world adventure with Space Chase

Prepare for lift off as we travel across the galaxy on a very special reading mission: it’s the Summer Reading Challenge 2019!

Meet the Rockets! This super cool family lives on a satellite station in space. They love spending time at their local library on the Moon.

The Rockets

But wait! All of a sudden books have started to disappear from the Moon Library, and soon there won’t be any left…

A mysterious ship has been spotted on the radar – could these naughty aliens be behind the trouble at the library?

Aliens on screen

The Rockets are going on a very important mission to save the missing books from these alien bandits, and they need your help!

Take part in the Summer Reading Challenge and join the Rockets on a chase through space to find the aliens and save the Moon Library.


Taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge

Taking part in the Challenge is simple – when your summer holidays start, you can sign up for free at your local library.

You’ll receive your very own Space Chase mission folder to get you started.

Read six library books (or more!) over the holidays to collect special stickers to add to your folder.

Collect all the stickers to find the aliens, save the missing books and complete the Challenge.

Grab your space suit and take a giant leap into the library this summer!

Join in the fun online

You can use this website to keep track of the books you read and write book reviews, enter competitions, chat to other readers and much much more

For all the latest Summer Reading Challenge updates keep an eye on our News page

Check out the Space Chase Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Information for adults


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