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Gnasher's summer reads

Gnasher's summer reads

When Gnasher gets his paws on a good book, he’s like – well, like a dog with a bone!

Why not pick up one of these recommendations on your next trip to the library?

Salty Dogs by Matty Long

Set sail with the Salty Dogs on an adventure through the Pirate Islands in search of TREASURE. Their journey won’t be easy. They must outwit rival pirates, navigate stormy sea, and keep the poop deck clean if they are to become pirate legends.

Dread Cat by Michael Rosen & Nicola O’Byrne

Once there was a very fierce cat. Not just fierce: totally, terrifyingly, stupendously fierce.
Everyone was afraid of this cat. Her name was Dread and everyone dreaded Dread Cat.

But then Dread Cat started to run out of luck catching mice. She hadn’t caught any for ages. So she announced that she was giving up chasing mice and promised to never again hunt another mouse.

The war was over. But was it really?

The Bad Bunnies’ Magic Show by Mini Grey

When the great magician, Hypno, goes missing just before a show, his rabbits Abra and Cadabra step in to save the day.

But are they all that they seem? Or is there more to their sleight of paw than meets the eye?

Officer Fenella Rollercoaster said:I would recommend The Bad Bunnies Magic Show because it is a funny and entertaining book. I would recommend this book to people who like funny, magic books, like me and my friend. It makes me feel happy because it is funny in some bits. I give it 4 out of 5.

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

In 2016, Dion Leonard, an ultramarathon runner, stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 155 mile race across the Gobi Desert. The pup earned the name ‘Gobi’, as she went step for step with Dion, keeping pace with him for nearly 80 miles. What Gobi lacked in size, she made up for in heart.

Dion had always focused on winning, but as he witnessed the incredible determination of this small animal, he felt something inside him change.

This is a story of a life changing friendship between one man and a little stray dog called Gobi.

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