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Little Gems – Dread Cat

Michael Rosen, Nicola O'Byrne

Little Gems – Dread Cat


  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun

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4 out 5

91 reviews

Witty, lively and full of fun, this cat-and-mouse tale from a former Children’s Laureate is sure to delight young readers with clever twists and the satisfying defeat of one terrifying cat. Once there was a very fierce cat. Not just fierce: totally, terrifyingly, stupendously fierce. Everyone was afraid of this cat. Her name was Dread and everyone dreaded Dread Cat. But then Dread Cat started to run out of luck catching mice. She hadn't caught any for ages. So she announced that she was giving up chasing mice and promised to never again hunt another mouse. The war was over. But was it really? Witty, lively and full of fun, this cat-and-mouse tale from a former Children's Laureate is sure to delight young readers with clever twists and the satisfying defeat of one terrifying cat. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.



This is funny and easy to read

Constable Switch Gormenghast 08.02.2024


I thought this book was really good. I liked it because I did not know that Dread Cat was tricking the mic e.

Ambassador Snoopy Dalmatian 27.11.2023


What I like how they set the trap.

Pilot Muscles Casserole 10.09.2023


My favourite part was when Dread Cat took a mouse and gave them a letter. I would recommend this book to other children. The best word was 'horror' and 'stupendously'.

Judge Jet Bumblebee 05.09.2023


I liked the mice because they were kind and clever. I would recommend this book to people who like funny stories.

Anonymous 05.09.2023



Anonymous 04.09.2023


I liked how the mice worked together to save each other from Dread Cat.

Lady Gloriana Vesuvius 22.08.2023


It was absolutely hilarious. A cat tried tricking the mouse but the mouse caught on. I liked the cat as he had a smart plan. I would reccomend it to everyone.

King Gargoyle Vegas 22.08.2023


I didn't really like the pictures. I didn't find it that funny.

Don Tyler Bubble-wrap 20.08.2023


A very quick read

Baron Slip Bacon-slicer 18.08.2023


Dread cat is a meanie.

Don Mars Pudding-Basin 17.08.2023


I liked it when the mice got dread cat!!!!

Lieutenant Dragon Nuggets 10.08.2023


I liked the Dread cat because he managed to trick the mice. I would recommend it to a friend because it was quite easy to read and lots of my friend like books like Dread cat.

Doctor Lacey Luther 08.08.2023


Urgh, we enjoyed this tale

Anonymous 29.07.2023


The cat in this book was very sneaky but the mice managed to catch him out in the end. My favourite characters were the mice.

Professor Itchy Hammersmith 26.07.2023


I really enjoyed this story

Judge Magnolia Dalmatian 24.07.2023


It was funny when Dread Cat jumped out of the window!

Mademoiselle Daisy Remmington 24.07.2023


I liked this book, I like cats

Judge Peaches Eggybread 23.07.2023


As well as Marielle Queen of the skies dread cat is a quick book to read on the go and I loved it it is about a cat that everyone was scared of and he had a plan to get the mice and every night he would put exactly amount of cheese and then eat the last mouse but then the mice found that there was less of them each time and found that the dread cat was eating them and went at him and the cat ran out the house and was never seen again.

Dona Gloriana Archer 06.07.2023


Funny book about a cat and mouse. The cat is struggling so uses the mice by feeding them cheese. He then eats them! No shock but funny short story!

Anonymous 04.07.2023

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