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Finding Gobi (Younger Readers edition): The true story of one little dog’s big journey

Dion Leonard

Finding Gobi (Younger Readers edition): The true story of one little dog’s big journey


  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun

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For fans of A Streetcat Named Bob comes Finding Gobi, the heart-warming true story of a dog who captured the hearts of the world. Younger readers’ edition. Finding Gobi is the ultimate story of hope and friendship – proving once again, that dogs really are ‘man’s best friend.’ In 2016, Dion Leonard, an ultramarathon runner, stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 155 mile race across the Gobi Desert. The pup earned the name ‘Gobi’, as she went step for step with Dion, keeping pace with him for nearly 80 miles. What Gobi lacked in size, she made up for in heart. Dion had always focused on winning, but as he witnessed the incredible determination of this small animal, he felt something inside him change. This is a story of a life changing friendship between one man and a little stray dog called Gobi.



It was based on a true story which was what I liked. He found his new owner and Dion was very kind to Gobi. I was glad they stayed together

Princess Fifi Sunshine 05.08.2022


This was really heartwarming and Gobi the dog is really cute and the book sounds like someone life and i like that it is based on something true because usually I don't read books like this

Anonymous 01.08.2022


I liked this book because it was about a dog and dogs are my favourite animal. The dog went on an adventure and had lots on fun.

Doctor Bijou Arlington 10.08.2021


I like Dion Cause he brought him from China to Scotland

Sir Ice-T Banana 26.07.2021


I loved this heartwarming book. It took a piece out of my sole. It really interested me in how one little dog ran so fast and so far. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading.

Empress Cilla Skateboard 27.12.2018


Love this book. It's a story of adventure & friendship.

Fairy Iguana Borneo 06.08.2018


Yes it fiction and my favourite character is Gobi. No.

Ambassador Quicksand Endeavour 26.07.2018


I really liked this book, but it wasn't what I thought it would be about. I thought the dog would be lost all the way through, but it wasn't! I liked the relationship between Gobi and the tall man. I would recommend this to my friend because she loves dogs and likes to read about them.

Empress Bernice Pipistrel 25.07.2018


A loyal dog which will say with Dion till the end?

Anonymous 29.08.2017


An amazing adventure book. Great for athletes and people who love dogs

Anonymous 16.08.2017


It inspires you to read more. I couldn't stop reading until I had finished!

Anonymous 14.08.2017

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