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Keith Among the Pigeons

Katie Brosnan

Keith Among the Pigeons

Keith is a cat, but he’d rather be a pigeon.

He loves to watch them and learn their ways, but they won’t let him get too close.

Will Keith ever make friends with the pigeons and learn how it feels to be one?

Will he ever find out who he really is and feel comfortable just being Keith?

Keith is one special cat!

Press play to see author Katie Brosnan read from her book, Keith Among the Pigeons.
Look out for special guests Keith and Katie’s cat Jethro!

Use your local library website or app to borrow Keith Among the Pigeons for free! Visit the Find a Read page for more information.

Thanks to Child’s Play, we have a super fun set of Keith activity sheets for you.

The bundle includes cat and pigeon masks, puzzles, colouring in and more! CLICK HERE to download yours

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Silly Squad member Earl Flash Fink said:
“I liked the bit where the pigeons did a poo on his head!”

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