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Keith Among the Pigeons

Katie Brosnan, Katie Brosnan


Average rating

4 out 5

Keith is a cat, but he'd rather be a pigeon. He loves to watch them and learn their ways, but they won't let him get too close. Will Keith ever make friends with the pigeons and learn how it feels to be one? Will he ever find out who he really is and feel comfortable just being Keith?


Yes I recommend this book some children love animal story.

Anonymous 07.09.2020

i found it funny when he was trying to dress up like a pigeon. i would recommend to a friend.

Empress Sapphire Haystack 11.08.2020

I didn't like the pigeons and cats at the beginning because no one would let Keith play with them.

Officer Aphrodite Gravy 07.08.2020

i didnt really like it because he pretended to be a pigeon and he was cheating.

Sergeant Muscles Peninsula 06.08.2020


Detective Penguin Sunshine 03.08.2020

I like this book, my favorite part was all of the book. I thought it was funny when Keith was trying to be a pigeon.

Sir Sketch Pipistrel 21.07.2020

I like the book, my favorite part was all of it.

Sir Sketch Pipistrel 21.07.2020

I liked the bit where the pigeons did a poo on his head!

Earl Flash Fink 26.06.2020

It was ok

Senorita Daffodil Pawprint 10.06.2020

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