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Picture Books 2023

Dinos Don't Give Up! ​by Smriti Halls, illustrated by Richard Merritt

Diplodocus Dinah is BRILLIANT at everything. There's nothing she can't do and no competition she can't win! But what happens when the Surfing Contest comes to Dino Town and Dinah discovers that surfing is something she just can’t dino-do!

For the first time ever Dinah doesn’t come first. Will she be distraught? Or will she discover that there's more to having fun than winning?​ 

A rhyming story about brilliance, resilience and getting back on your feet. 

Spinderella by Julia Donaldson, ​illustrated by Sebastien Braun

Spinderella the spider has a passion for football! She tries to play a match with her brothers and sisters but she doesn’t know how many spiders should be on each team. Even worse, she can’t count the goals! Luckily for Spinderella, her Hairy Godmother has a plan...

Julia Donaldson does it again in this hugely engaging and funny story all about football, spiders and counting - what's not to love! 

Burpee Bears by Joe Wicks, illustrated by Paul Howard

For this bear family, every day is a new day: a day for adventure and discovery. Join the bears as they explore the everyday ups and downs of family life. Get ready to read, laugh and leap into action with fun exercises and healthy recipes - perfect for families to share and enjoy together!​

Frank and Bert: The One Where Bert Learns to Ride a Bike by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Bert is CERTAIN he can ride his bike as well as Frank, but he is very wobbly! And even when they BOTH try riding Frank's bike . . . it still goes very wrong! Will the best friends make it all the way down from the big hill? Of course! All they need is a little bit of confidence and trust in each other!​

This warm and entertaining story about friendship from the hilarious fox and bear double act is guaranteed to get children giggling!

Leilong's Too Long! ​by Julia Liu, illustrated by Bei Lynn 

An overeager dinosaur school bus causes problems for the city’s transportation system— so the children find a place where oversize is perfect.​

Every morning, Leilong the school bus shuttles through the city, picking up children as he goes. But a brontosaurus longer than a tennis court and heavier than five buses causes big problems in the busy streets. The school decides he can’t be the bus anymore. The children must find a way to help their long friend fit in.​

Sammy Striker and the Football World Cup by Catherine Emmett, ​illustrated by Joe Berger

Sammy Striker is never found without a football at her feet, and one day at the park, she's spotted by Melissa McDeam - who coaches the Under 8s National Team! Sammy is a dribbler-extraordinaire, headed straight for the top. But as the Football Cup comes closer, Sammy's shots on goal go a bit... wonky. Will Sammy work out that it's what makes her different that will help them win the final?

From Oscars Prize-shortlisted Catherine Emmett and bestselling illustrator Joe Berger, Sammy Striker and the Football Cup is an empowering story about friendship, football, and having the courage to believe in yourself.​

Molly and the Dolphins by Malachy Doyle, illustrated by Andrew Whitson 

Molly’s fisherman father makes her a little dinghy and teaches her to sail. Soon Molly is scudding over the waves, with a pod of dolphins leaping all around. She helps the dolphins when one gets tangled up in a fishing net. But what will happen when it’s Molly who needs help? ​

The dramatic and beautiful sixth book in this acclaimed series sees young Molly take to the sea with joy, with confidence, and, as always, with kindness.

Princesses Wear Trainers ​by Sam Squiers, illustrated by Annabel Cutler

Princess Ellie loves playing sports, but she has a little problem... nobody seems to think that her sporty interests are very princess-like! When disaster strikes the kingdom, Princess Ellie sets out to prove that princesses definitely wear trainers.​

A heartwarming tale of a princess's passionate pursuit of her sporting dreams, this book sends a powerful message to girls about sport from a key early age.

Luna Loves Dance by Joseph Coelho illustrated by Fiona Lumbers

Discover the joy of dancing and the importance of family, whatever your culture, ability or style with Luna! When Luna dances, she feels like the world’s volume turns up, like all colours brighten, like sunlight sparkles behind every cloud. But when she takes her dance exam she ducks, dives, spins and... falls. Luna thinks she can't be a real dancer now. Can Luna's family convince her otherwise?​

From the team that brought us Luna Loves Library Day, Luna Loves Art, and Luna Loves World Book Day, celebrate every culture and every style of dance with Luna, featuring a glorious fold out carnival page.

Dance With Oti: The Lion Samba by Oti Mabuse, illustrated by Samara Hardy 

The children are excited to return to dance class with Mrs Oti and waste no time preparing for their animal-themed dance show. Mrs Oti teaches them all about animal movements and how they can be used in their dance. From stomping like an elephant to shaking your mane like a lion, there’s so much fun to be had. But when disaster strikes on the day of the show, it seems like all of their hard work has been for nothing. Luckily for the children, Mrs Oti is on hand, and soon they realize that a little bit of courage can go a long way.

Jump for the Stars by Vogue Williams​, illustrated by Tilia Rand-Bell 

BOING! BOING! We bounce so high, we’re jumping for the stars! If we don’t stop soon, we’ll land on planet Mars! In this enchanting picture book, we meet lots of little children who like to be super active all day long. Can you jump for the stars?

The Boy Who Sailed The World by Julia Green, illustrated by Alex Latimer 

'Right from the start, the boy loved the sea! He ran along the sand, danced in and out of the waves, his heart full of longing and delight'. The boy has always loved the sea. So he builds a boat and sails away on a voyage of adventure... The wonders of the world await you in this beautiful and inspiring book about following your dreams.

Molly, Olive and Dexter ​by Catherine Raynar

Molly the hare loves hide-and-seek. “You two hide,” she tells Olive the owl and Dexter the fox, and then she begins to count: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – ready or not here I come.” But when she opens her eyes, Molly finds the pair straight away! Soon Molly announces Olive and Dexter have to hide properly. Now she has the opposite problem: her friends have hidden too well... Wherever can they be? 

I'm (Almost) Never Bored by Anna Milbourne, ill. Asa Gilland 

"I'm BORED!" wails a little girl after her screen time is cut short. "That's great!" her dad says with a grin. "Being bored comes right before having a Really Good Idea."​
After an initial protest, the little girl dives into her imagination, and takes the reader with her on a whirlwind ride of pure fun. A cardboard box becomes a magical train, the washing machine inspires an imaginary trip into space, a scribbly doodle becomes a hungry spaghetti monster, and ants in the garden lead her into an escapade in the Funny Bug Circus.​

Choices by Roozeboos 

A girl considers her future while she people-watches at her local outdoor pool. Choices, both insignificant and life-changing, are all around us. Whether we want to make a splash or just dip our toes into new experiences, there's always a decision involved. Profound and humorous, this book encourages you to value the power behind your thoughts and actions! 

The Perfect Rock ​by Sarah Noble 

Ollie, Bea and Ula do everything together. They play in the waves, eat shellfish feasts and snuggle up together to sleep. But there comes a day in every otter's life when they must find a perfect rock. One shiny and strong enough to crack open shells for themselves. When they find the best rock of all, who will get to keep it?​

This picture book about sibling struggles and family love makes a cosy bedtime read that can help with difficult conversations about sharing. Sarah Noble's gorgeous illustrations bring the world of sea otters to life.

Turbo Bunnies by Matty Long

THE SKILL! THE SPEED! THE DRAMA!​ Nothing can beat the thrill of Whizz Kart Racing-and Team Turbo is the best team around! But when their drivers, the Turbo Bunnies, become rivals, things quickly spin out of control. CRASH!​ Have the wheels come off Team Turbo forever? Or can they get back on track?​
​A hilarious story about teamwork and friendship, from prize-winning author and illustrator Matty Long.

You're So Amazing! by James and Lucy Catchpole, illustrated by Karen George 

When people meet Joe, they often treat him as Amazing Joe or Poor Joe. But can't he just be . . . Joe? ​One-legged Joe is 'amazing'. He knows this because wherever he goes people always tell him he's amazing. Amazing for sliding down the slide, for kicking a ball . . . even walking to get an ice cream, or even just eating an ice cream. Of course, being Amazing Joe is better than being Poor Joe . . .​

A groundbreaking picture book which explores how we respond to disability.

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