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You're So Amazing!

James Catchpole, Karen George, Lucy Catchpole

You're So Amazing!


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4 out 5

13 reviews

When people meet Joe, they often treat him as Amazing Joe or Poor Joe. But can't he just be . . . Joe? One-legged Joe is 'amazing'. He knows this because wherever he goes people always tell him he's amazing. Amazing for sliding down the slide, for kicking a ball . . . even walking to get an ice cream, or even just eating an ice cream. Of course, being Amazing Joe is better than being Poor Joe . . . A groundbreaking picture book which explores how we respond to disability. Winner of the Inclusive Books for Children Awards 2024.



I love this book because it shows you that everyone is amazing .

General Bijou Sudoku 05.04.2024


I gave it five stars because it's about feelings and being you.

Officer Lacey Mittens 05.04.2024


I liked this book, it taught me to treat everyone the same.

Baron Ice-T Submarine 29.08.2023


When people set eyes on Joe , they often treat his as amazing Joe or poor Joe. He wonders why he can’t just be named Joe? One legged Joe is amazing. He knows because whenever he kicks a ball,Slides down a slide and even eating ice cream. It’s better to be called amazing Joe than poor Joe right?

Anonymous 27.08.2023


Lovely story

King Jazzy Vesuvius 24.08.2023


It tells you that disabled people are not different than you

Queen Iggy Partridge 21.08.2023


I learnt that you should not discriminate people

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 11.08.2023


I liked the story and my favourite part was doctor crokchops vs senor sharkface

Prince Burp Sparrow 28.07.2023


I thought it was good

Detective Wombat Slingshot 25.07.2023


I enjoyed this book because it was interesting

Anonymous 15.07.2023


I liked the ending where he was just a normal boy Joe.

Senorita Daffodil Ketchup 15.07.2023

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