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Dance With Oti: The Lion Samba

Oti Mabuse, Samara Hardy

Dance With Oti: The Lion Samba


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Dance yourself happy with the second, samba spectacular picture book by dancing superstar, Oti Mabuse. It’s time for Oti’s dance class! Join Oti and her class for their first dance show, and learn “The Lion Samba” in ten easy steps. The children are excited to return to dance class with Mrs Oti and waste no time preparing for their animal-themed dance show. Mrs Oti teaches them all about animal movements and how they can be used in their dance. From stomping like an elephant, stretching up high like a giraffe or even shaking your mane like a lion, there’s so much fun to be had. But when disaster strikes on the day of the show, it seems like all of their hard work has been for nothing. Luckily for the children, Mrs Oti is on hand, and soon they realize that a little bit of courage can go a long way. Written by Strictly Come Dancing superstar, Oti Mabuse, this heartwarming picture book will dance into the hands of families who have loved watching Oti on-screen.



Loved this book. Enjoyed by whole family

Professor Tulip Rubber-duck 13.09.2023


Umaira kind of reminds me of me when I perform at school. My favourite part was when she roared to stop the curtain from falling. I liked learning the dance at the end. I did it by myself and with mummy.

Viscountess Hopscotch Peanut-butter 20.08.2023


great book

Anonymous 18.08.2023


I love this book it made me happy, smile and dance.

Captain Heroica Aardvark 18.08.2023


I really like this story about being brave. I liked the dance dancing like animals and I liked the meaning of the story.

Viscount Hercules Hedgehog 18.08.2023


I liked this book when Oti inspired the other dancers and brought all her skills to children, it was a fun fab book

Empress Flossy Chipperfield 14.08.2023


I learnt that animals are good to our earth

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 07.08.2023


I loved doing the lion samba

Doctor Bunny Squirrel 07.08.2023


I enjoyed this story but thought it was a bit too long.

Princess Wanda Luther 05.08.2023


Book about Courage and Dancing. I loved reading this book.

Madam Phoenix Bobble-hat 29.07.2023


Loved learning the dance routine at the end

Professor Babs Biscuits 29.07.2023


I enjoy the book because I like dancing and thats what the book is about.

Empress Blossom Pineapple 24.07.2023


i really enjoyed how they performed the lion samba and dressed up as different animals and, it was really fun and entertaining

Queen Cynthia Pawprint 17.07.2023


I really liked it

Mademoiselle Mildred Pineapple 17.07.2023


We loved this book and found songs to dance to using all the moves

Fairy Pixie Bluebird 16.07.2023


This a book about dancing. I like it because Umaira roars! Umaira is my favourite character in this book. Mummy and I are going to learn the dance later too

Madam Amazonia Birdbath 08.07.2023


I thought it was very good because it felt like I was in the book and I was dancing. I love to dance

Empress Bunny Gooseberry 25.06.2023

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