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What are you reading this Easter?

The Easter break has arrived – YAY!

We’ve been busy planning our chocolate egg hunt – and this year’s Summer Reading Challenge of course! – but we’ll always make time to get stuck into a good book

You can use your Summer Reading Challenge profile to rate and review your latest reads. Here are some of the awesome reviews we’ve received lately. How many of these books have you read?

Five on Kirrin Island Again by Enid Blyton

What can Uncle Quentin be up to – all alone – on Kirrin Island? He won’t let anyone visit – not even George and the rest of the Famous Five. But Quentin isn’t really all alone on the island – somebody is watching his every move!

General Mistral Porridge-Oats said:
This book is brilliant with tunnels under the sea and enemies that threaten to blow up the island . This is one of Enid Blyton’s best books of the series


The Cupcake Diaries: Mia’s Boiling Point by Coco Simon

There’s a new girl in town, and Mia tries to take her under her wing. But Olivia Allen is not so nice; as a matter of fact she might be even meaner than Sydney Whitman! Will she wreak havoc on the Cupcake Club before Mia sees her true colours?

General Fifi Bojangles said:
This is another amazing book that I love reading. I think the moral of this book is that you must always give everyone a chance, even if you don’t like them (like Mia did for Olivia).


The Night Spinner by Abi Elphinstone

In a ruined monastery in the northern wilderness, a Shadowmask called Wormhook sits in front of a spinning wheel. He is spinning a quilt of darkness known as the Veil. A masked figure then carries the Veil across the lands, slipping it through the windows of children’s bedrooms to poison their minds…

Dona Heroica Toothpaste said:
I have been wanting to read this book since I finished The Shadow Keeper – a great read, second in the trilogy. An amazing read for any Harry Potter fans. All about old magic and evil spirits. Created by the wonderful Abi Elphinstone!


Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters

Come face to face with some of the deadliest natural disasters of all time, from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

Queen Beryl Waltzer said:
I really loved reading this fantastic book, because it was very descriptive, and told me a lot of things I did not know. The way Harriet Griffey wrote this book(telling a story while also explaining what happens) is quite tense and at the same time funny. I loved it!!


Glitter by Kate Maryon
Liberty Parfitt is sure there’s more to life than getting good exam results and earning lots of money. Unfortunately her super-rich, workaholic dad doesn’t agree – he thinks Liberty’s passion for music is a total waste of time. But when Dad loses his job and falls into a deep depression, Liberty’s talent may be the one thing that can save him.

Dame Rose Pendragon said:
Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read!!!! I was just so stuck into it and I couldn’t put it down. It just kept getting better and better. All the situations Liberty went through are situations that lots of other people get. It made me really relate to the story and know exactly how she was feeling. I am definitely going to read one of Kate Maryon’s books again.

Thanks for the egg-ceptional reviews, everyone!

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