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Keen explorers wanted!

Keen explorers wanted!

Keen explorers wanted! image

Reading has the power to take us to so many different worlds – this summer we’ve even travelled through space!

Here are some of our favourite books all about exploration from the Space Chase collection.

Take a look and you just might find yourself on a new reading journey…

Mr Pattacake and the Space Mission by Stephanie Baudet

Mr Pattacake and his ginger cat Treacle have been invited to join a mission into outer space! Whilst the scientists collect samples from the planet Collywobble, Mr Pattacake tries to show the Collywobblians what food from planet Earth is like. But as ever with Mr Pattacake, disaster strikes and he must find a way to rescue the mission and save Treacle from the evil CATerpillar!

Join Mr Pattacake and his lazy cat, Treacle, as they go into space, chase a floating pile of vomit and discover some delightfully disgusting dishes.

Arty! The First Artist in Space by William Bee

Arty is a frog. He’s also an artist. In fact, he’s the greatest artist in the world. And now he’s about to blast off into space, to go where no artist has gone before.

It’s one small step for Arty, one giant leap for art-kind in this latest adventure for everyone’s favourite frog.

Queen Morgana Peanut-butter said:
I really enjoyed this book. It made me laugh and I loved the bright colours.

Millie’s Missing Yawn by You Jung Byun

Millie has lost her yawn, and she can’t get to sleep without it. First she looks close to home – the family dog – then goes a little further afield. The Statue of Liberty hasn’t seen her yawn, neither have the Moai heads on Easter Island, nor the penguins at the South Pole, and the rabbits on the moon certainly haven’t…

Principal Aphrodite Godzilla said:
I liked Millie because she’s very adventurous

Farmer Falgu Goes Kite Flying by Chitra Soundar

Farmer Falgu and his daughter Eila load up the bullock cart and set off for the annual kite-flying festival. Along the way they pick up Ahmed and Pushpa who are heading there too.

But before they all arrive, an unexpected gust of wind carries all their kites away. Can Farmer Falgu come up with a plan so that they can still take part in the kite-flying festivities?

The Train to Impossible Places by P.G. Bell & Flava Sorrentino

Suzy is surprised to find a grumpy troll building a railway through her house – especially when a gigantic steam train crashes into her hallway! This is the Impossible Postal Express, the trusty delivery service of the Union of Impossible Places, and Suzy becomes its newest recruit.

And with her cursed first package, an Impossible adventure begins…

Fairy Esmerelda Biscuits said:
It was an excellent gripping read, couldn’t put it down. If you love a bit of magic you’ll love this book. It certainly does take you to impossible places!

Scavengers by Darren Simpson

Landfill has lived his whole life as a scavenger, running with wooflers, swimming with turtles and feasting on fresh gull. Old Babagoo has always looked after him, on one condition – follow his rules. NEVER COME LOOKING OUTSIDE. NEVER RISE ABOVE THE WALL.

But despite the dangers, Landfill longs to see Outside. And some rules are made to be broken.

Mademoiselle Kiki Legend said:
Wow! There are so many twists and turns, and each one is brilliant. This is a ridiculously well written book and I loved reading every minute of it.

Have you read any of our recommendations? Write a review and let everyone know what you thought!

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