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Incredible Inventors

Incredible Inventors

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Whether you’re looking for your last few books to finish your Summer Reading Challenge, or some recommendations to take into the new term, we’ve got some great suggestions for you!

Here are some of our favourite books all about incredible inventors and their cool contraptions, from the Space Chase collection.

Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters:The Questioneers Book #1 by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

Rosie Revere is no stranger to flops and fails, kerfuffles and catastrophes. After all, engineering is all about perseverance! But this time, Rosie has a really important project to tackle – one that feels much bigger than herself.

Rosie’s beloved Aunt Rose and her friends, the Raucous Riveters – a group of fun-loving gals who built airplanes during World War II – need help inventing something new. And Rosie is just the engineer for the job!

After one flop…then another…and another…Rosie starts to lose hope. But thanks to some help from her fellow Questioneers Iggy Peck and Ada Twist, Rosie gets the job done. And, along with the Riveters, she rediscovers the meaning of home.

Dona Nectarine Ridiculous said:
This was an amazing book! I really enjoyed it! I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who is interested in engineering because it is very inspiring!

Al’s Awesome Science: Blast-Off! by Jane Clarke & James Brown

It’s the twins’ birthday and Al and his friends are experimenting to find out how to blast off his time machine into outer space. Trouble is, fiddling with balloons and homemade rockets is very messy! When some extra baking powder accidentally spills onto the cake, it has some unexpected gassy consequences…

Amazing Transport by Tom Jackson and Chris Mould

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to zoom through the history of transport and discover incredible facts about all kinds of vehicles along the way.

Every day, all over the world, people are busy travelling – short hops or great, long voyages, moving slowly and steadily or racing along at super-fast speeds. They make their trips in cars, trains, planes, ships and on bikes – and some people even blast off in rockets!

Make your own amazing transport journeys as you explore timelines and discover the people and stories behind the machines that keep the world moving. Amazing Transport tells the story of some of science’s most recognisable inventions in a way you’ve never seen before.

Bright Sparks: Amazing Discoveries, Inventions and Designs by Women by Owen O’Doherty

From windscreen wipers to the life raft; coffee filters to emergency flares; Apollo Mission software to Monopoly: women have discovered, invented and designed some of the most important things we all take for granted, but many of their names are unknown.

Meet incredible inventors from around the world, and learn how inventions happen. This beautifully illustrated book is a guide to remarkable, practical, skillful and amazing inventions by women who have made their mark on history.

The Dreamer by Il Sung Na

Once, there was a pig who admired birds. But he could never join them. Or could he? Thus begins the journey of a pig with big dreams, and the perseverance to make them come true. He develops flight plans, builds experimental contraptions, and has far-flung adventures, but at the end of the day, his favourite thing to do is sit and watch for those he loves best: birds.

Mariella, Queen of the Skies by Eoin Colfer & Katy Halford

Mariella loves nothing more than inventing but bedtime keeps getting in the way of all her brilliant ideas! So when Mum and Dad won’t take no for an answer there’s only one thing for it…
Mariella has to build a rocket-powered flying suit to zap her round the world faster than the setting sun!

If anyone can outsmart sleep it’s Mariella. But everyone needs sleep and without it all of Mariella’s brilliant ideas might just disappear.

Director Angel Unicycle said:
Mariella is an amazing girl, an inventor and is very funny. I highly recommend this book since it is very interesting story.

The Boy Who Flew by Fleur Hitchcock

Athan Wilde dreams of flight. When his friend, Mr Chen, is murdered, Athan must rescue the flying machine they were building together and stop it falling into the wrong hands. But keeping the machine safe puts his family in terrible danger. What will Athan choose – flight or family?

Have you read any of our recommendations? Write a review and let everyone know what you thought!

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