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2,074,757 books read so far

How are you spending this half term?

How are you spending this half term?

Are you looking forward to a whole week off school?!

There’s lots of fun to be had right here on the Summer Reading Challenge website…

  • Tell us about your pets and their special skills for your chance to win a set of hilarious Piggy Handsome books

  • Check out our reading recommendations for books all about inspirational women who have changed the world

  • Flex those creative muscles and write a short story for the BBC 500 Words competition

  • Play the Summer Reading Challenge Games and see if you can make it on to a leaderboard

  • Say hi to other reading fans in Chat and share the books you’ve been loving lately

  • Rate and review your latest reads by adding them to your profile. Every book you add also goes into the Book Sorter to help other bookworms find the perfect story
  • And finally…

    Keep an eye on the blog, as we’ll be letting you know all about some more brilliant competitions you won’t want to miss!

    Happy reading!

Information for adults


Visit our School Zone to access free resources and Challenge ideas for your class.


Visit our Home Zone, full of useful Challenge information for parents, grandparents and carers. For information about supporting reading in the early years visit our Pre-School Zone.


Visit our Library Zone to find libraries near you running the challenge, and how to take part.