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Animal Agents

Animal Agents

Animal Agents image

This summer there’s something strange happening at the library – and that’s where the Animal Agents come in!

The Animal Agents love solving mysteries and they need YOU to help them crack their biggest case yet.

Who has painted graffiti on the library wall?
Why are things suddenly going missing?

Join the Animal Agents for the
Summer Reading Challenge 2017 and help them uncover the truth!

Taking part is simple – when your summer holidays start, you can sign up at your local library.
Read six library books (or more!) over the holidays to collect special stickers and complete the Challenge.
Each time you visit the library, you’ll discover new clues and evidence that will help you solve this cryptic case.

You can use this website to keep track of the books you read and write book reviews, enter competitions, chat to other readers and much much more!

Watch the Animal Agents video trailer here:

For all the latest Summer Reading Challenge updates keep an eye on our News page!

Coming soon…
Meet the Animal Agents, the coolest crime crackers on four paws