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Riding a Donkey Backwards

Sean Taylor & Khayaal Theatre; Shirin Adl

Sean Taylor & Khayaal Theatre; Shirin Adl

Riding a Donkey Backwards

Wise and Foolish Tales of Mulla Nasruddin

Would you like to know how a thief can turn into a donkey?
Whether a cow can climb a pole?
Or why you should spoon yogurt into a lake?

Mulla Nasruddin knows all the answers, and he might also tell you why he rides his donkey backwards. Whether in the guise of an imam in a mosque or a beggar in the street, this trickster is never at a loss for a rejoinder, though it may leave you scratching your head, rolling your eyes, or laughing out loud.

Riding a Donkey Backwards is a Silly Squad recommended read!

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